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Fun & Creativity


Foundations Learning Center understands the importance of a child's early years before the age of 5. Research states that the brain is most flexible and adaptable to learning during the early years and is 90% full grown by the age of 5. Foundations Learning Center incorporates the Mother Goose Time curriculum with the MD Healthy Beginnings, to build age appropriate activities. 

Conscious Discipline

At Foundations Learning Center, we believe each child deserves a warm and nurturing environment. the importance of early childhood education. We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is designed to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth in young children. Our curriculum includes activities that promote language and literacy, math and science, art and music, and social and emotional development.

Nutritious Meals

We understand the importance of providing nutritious meals to children. That's why we offer healthy and balanced snacks that are prepared fresh daily. Our menu includes a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to ensure that children receive the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Indoor Play

In addition to our educational programs, we offer indoor play opportunities that promote physical activity and gross motor development. Our indoor play area is equipped with age-appropriate toys and equipment that encourage children to climb, crawl, run, and jump.

Outdoor Play

We believe that outdoor play is essential to a child's development. That's why we offer a secure outdoor play area that is designed to promote exploration, imagination, and physical activity. Our outdoor play area includes a variety of equipment and materials that encourage children to engage in active play.

Parent Communication

We value open communication with our families and encourage parents to stay involved in their child's learning and development. We provide regular updates on your child's progress through the Brightwheel app and offer opportunities for parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child's individual needs and goals.

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